• sensation ! is a committed communication and event agency that provides high impact/meaningful events.
  • Everyday, sensation ! works on creating unforgettable experiences/ exceptional moments to gather, unite, connect, explain, motivate, inform, launch, trigger actions, engage, evolve... and let people share passions !
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Dan-Antoine Blanc-Shapira, Franco-American, founded the agency in 1989. After an international path, he decided to create an atypical event agency that gathers people, gives meaning, creates and innovates while respecting human values. At sensation ! there are no salesperson but only incoming calls. Of the whole event market, our clients are the most active in promoting their agency (Limelight study, 2011).


Global and versatile, sensation ! has a triple experience :

  • Creating high impact, innovative, engaging and intelligent events
  • Implement media communication strategies, social media solutions, video and audio-visuals, editorial …
  • Design 360° communication plans with multi platform campaigns : events, communication, social media, media engagement ... which are deployed across territories and over time.

sensation ! has been awarded for each of these skills.


Creativity & global design


Production and event


Strategy and


360° concepts


Digital strategy


Social networks


Media relations


  • Make our profession better !
  • As a precursor, sensation ! has committed for over 15 years to work in an environmentally responsible way. First French agency certified PrestaDD, ISO 26000 evaluation, Carbon Footprint (Bilan Carbone), Quality Label ANAé (professional organization) …
  • But as environmental responsibility is really effective if all the market players take action, sensation ! and its founder initiated in 2004, a collective action of the whole event industry with the creation of the "" community. Together, they created tools as the event eco-guide, a self diagnosis "ADERE", Corporate and Social Responsibility in events and professionals trainings (


Humans are the core part of our missions and sensation ! makes it its daily focus.

  • The agency is fully involved in the event & communication professional associations as LÉVÉNEMENT (former ANAé). sensation ! contributed to creating many online tools to help event organizers improve their action in a more sustainable and responsible way.
  • sensation ! is also a signatory of the Charter for Diversity, member of "Entrepreneurs d'Avenir", support of NGOs and charitable organisations as Habitat & Humanisme (housing and social integration association), Action Against Hunger, Foyer Handicap Fondation …

The agency also donates approx. 0,5% of its turnover to non-profit organisations every year.

Creating and organising meaningful events is a pleasure. When our projects are recognised by the profession members, it is even more rewarding ! We thank our clients, partners and service providers for their ongoing trust year after year.

Heavent Awards 2016

“Best Event of the Decade” finalist

Grand Prix Communication & Entreprise 2013

Best Internal event

TOP COM 2013

The Event Grand Prix

Heavent Awards 2013

Best Internal event

Grand Prix KRéA 2013

Special Prize of the Public

Trophée Action Co 2012

Best Internal Convention

Grand Prix KRéA 2010

The Sustainable Development Trophy

Com’ A Levallois -ISERP Trophy 2007

The Corporate Communication Grand Prix

Heavent Award 2007

Public Event finalist

Grand Prix KRéA 2007

Special Prize of the Jury

Phénix de l’UDA 2006

Event Finalist

Grand Prix des Relations Presse 2005

Event Category

Phénix de l’UDA 2003

Event finalist

Grand Prix Stratégies 2000

Global Communication category

Phénix de l’UDA 2000

“Coup de Coeur” of the Jury

Grand Prix Stratégies 2000

Overall categories

Le Grand Prix des Relations Presse 1999

Grand Prix des Relations Presse 1996

Special Prize of the Jury


Hired for their rich and diverse personalities, sensation ! team-members provide the qualities we love : intelligence, kindness, rigor, creativity and commitment to work with passion and pleasure !

As such, the common stress from organising events transforms itself into an ambitious, inspiring yet appeased path. Customers thoroughly enjoy this constructive work atmosphere.
Isn't this happiness ?

  • "It was a real pleasure to work together", "What a dream team !", "climate of total trust", "a really enjoyable relationship", "1000 thanks for your support & your commitment towards us" …


There will always be a warm smile and a hot coffee waiting for you in the heart of Paris ...

6, rue d’Armaillé
75017 Paris - France
: +33 (0)1 44 17 06 06

Acces :

: Charles de Gaulle - Etoile A
: Charles de Gaulle-Etoile
: 22 30 31 52 73 92